Hidden knowledge about boards
Author: masterDatetime: 2020-06-14

In the preceding article, small make up took everybody to understand solid plank, plywood and adornment face plate 3 kinds of plank. They have their own unique craft and USES. Today, small make up with you to understand the other three kinds of plate, to learn together!

One, joinery board


Joinery board, commonly known as big core board. Fine work board is a special kind of plywood which is based on plywood, and is made by splicing or hollow board as the core board and covering two or more layers of plywood on both sides through glue. Joinery board is cheaper than thin core board, its vertical (to distinguish between the core material trend) bending strength difference, but the transverse bending strength is higher. The characteristic of joinery board is decided by core board structure, have extensive application in the production of furniture manufacturing, table board of sewing machine, carriage, ship, its figure is indispensable also in building industry.

There are several categories of joinery boards:

1. According to the core structure

Can be divided into solid heart joinery board, hollow joinery board

2. According to the condition of plate core assembly

Can be divided into laminated board core joinery board, laminated board core joinery board

3. According to the surface processing of joinery board

It is divided into three categories: single side sanding joinery board, double side sanding joinery board and non sanding joinery board

4. According to the use environment

It can be divided into indoor joinery board and outdoor joinery board

5. According to the layer

It can be divided into three layers of joinery board, five layers of joinery board, multi-layer joinery board

6. According to the purpose

Can be divided into ordinary with joinery board, building with joinery board

Second, particleboard


The main raw material of particleboard is wood chips, which are processed by a series of processes such as glue. According to the pressing method can be divided into extruded particleboard, flat pressed particleboard two.

Particleboard improves the utilization rate of wood, and its price is very cheap, but its obvious disadvantage is poor waterproof performance, can not very well adapt to some powerful learning requirements of furniture.

Three, density plate


Density board, also known as fiberboard. Artificial boards made from wood fibers or other plant fibers and made from urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives.

According to its density is different, cent is high density board, medium density board, low density board. The characteristics of the density plate is soft impact resistance, also easy to rework. As far as our country is concerned, there is still room for improvement in its quality and manufacturing technology.

When choosing plank, want to see their characteristic clearly, only such ability material makes full use of. Today's share is here, like don't forget to collect share oh!